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Home Expenses to Prepare For Aside From the Mortgage

The expenses of acquiring a home don’t stop after the mortgage closes, not even after you move into the house. A lot of first-time homebuyers make the mistake of not considering the costs that come after buying a home, and so find themselves unprepared for the extra costs such as landscaping, repairs, house cleaning, and

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Sustainable Ways to Manage Rainwater Runoff in Your Property

In places where precipitation is high and storms are common, rainwater and stormwater runoff can be a big concern. But even if it rains occasionally, poor drainage in your property can cause serious damage. These could range from soil erosion and damage to outdoor structures to flooding in your basement or crawl space. Runoff can

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How You Can Practice Sustainability by Saving More Water

It shouldn’t come as a surprise for you to hear that water is a limited resource. It doesn’t feel like it if you live in places where there’s no scarcity of clean and fresh water. You’ve only probably experienced the hardships of water loss during natural disasters and water facility complications. In other areas of

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Elevated Living: Grow Better Crops with Dome Greenhouses

The elevation is a significant factor when growing crops. With high altitude comes stronger winds, colder temperatures, and higher concentrations of ultraviolet radiation. A standard greenhouse can make growing your crops easier. But why not take it to the next level with a geodesic greenhouse and polycarbonate sheets. Structurally Unmatched Geodesic domes are some of

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8 Cool Features to Consider When Building a New Home

When building a home, you often get bombarded with many things to consider — and the features you put into your house will more likely be with you for years to come. It allows you to get creative and make the property your ‘home,’ which is an opportunity that not many people get, so make

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Five Amazing Tips on Taking Care of Your Greenhouse

Why do people use greenhouses or covered up gardens? The most prominent answer you’d get is protection for plants. A greenhouse is a gardening technique being used for decades now and is very popular among plant lovers. It is a set-up that allows enthusiastic growers and avid gardeners to control the atmosphere inside a covered

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Remodeling a Family Home with Children’s Needs in Mind

The age of the pandemic is one of uncertainty and tragedy. It has also raised concerns of isolation as people withdraw into their homes, working and studying remotely, and practicing social distancing outdoors. But for those who share their homes with family, this is also a time that underscores the importance of our relationships and

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For Better Living in the New Normal, Look Outdoors

When we talk about living well at home, most people tend to focus on what goes on indoors. They discuss decluttering or redecorating, the latest interior design trends, and ways to add value to their property. Many of these are undeniably linked to our well-being. Regular air duct cleaning, for instance, improves the quality of the

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