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Time for Change: Signs Your Backyard Needs Renovation

Your backyard is your home’s private haven. It is where you take refuge in the company of your plants after a long day. It is where you and your family have an impromptu barbecue party. It is that venue where you lose yourself in the story of the novel you’re reading. While your backyard is

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Insulate Your Greenhouse: How to Reduce Your Heating Needs

Having a greenhouse allows you access to fresh fruits and vegetables all year round. You do not have to wait for spring and summer to have your favourite produce; in your greenhouse, you can take care of every plant that you desire. However, having one can be intimidating. It requires a lot of space that

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Four Ways to Prep Your Garden for Winter 2020

Everybody loves a garden, a beautiful and well-maintained garden, to be exact. But it does takes a lot of hard work and real knowledge to plant, populate, prune, and prepare a garden for the different seasons of the year. Just like a discerning parent who watches his or her children individually, considering their uniqueness, needs,

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Be a Master Gardener: Managing Your Backyard Vegetable Garden

The pandemic has forced people to reassess their relationship with their homes. A place that was once an escape from the stresses of the outside world has now become multipurpose. It turned into the office, gym, and daycare centers. Some feel confined within the four walls, especially if they only saw their house as a

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Your Should Start Growing an Indoor Herb Garden

Designing our homes takes a lot of effort, from landscaping ideas to full-scale room makeovers, there exists an endless selection of Do-It-Yourself projects and ideas all across the home improvement forums. You might even find it difficult to rid yourself of renovation ideas with just how many there are possible to do now! Among the

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Things to Consider Before Building or Selling a Tiny Home

In recent years, tiny house living has swept the nation and different parts of the world. More people are considering this considerable leap of putting everything you need to live in a tiny space. It sounds like a grand plan for many, but if you are interested in building, renting out, or reselling these kinds

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More Than Sunshine: Creating a Solar Powered Garden

Solar power can be for more than electricity inside your home. Despite seeming all-natural, your garden does require a bit of electricity for various purposes. Drawing from the grid to supply your various garden needs sounds a bit wasteful since your garden has access to the sun. With some simple changes, your residential solar energy setup will

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