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Let There Be Light… in Your House

Good lighting is everything. It can make or break a room’s feel. Despite this, lighting is often treated as an afterthought when designing a room. But think about it: some establishments like cafes and hotel lounges generally feel better to be in. And why is that? The lighting of course. This is what makes the difference: a

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scraping an old paint

How to Refurbish Your Furniture on a Budget

Great artists, craftsmen, and carpenters have developed the difficult skill of creating art with the best timber and producing the most beautiful of furniture pieces that have survived for centuries and handed down through the generations. Not everyone can be so lucky as to own any of those pieces, so, naturally, you can only work

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interior design planning

Top Interior Design Principles You Should Follow

We all have our dream home setup. Perhaps you always think about having a professionally designed house that has virtually everything you want: elegant lighting, exquisite furniture, a modern entertainment system, a front yard that is maintained by your trusted landscape contractor, and the list goes on. A holistic approach would be to pay attention

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Snow Guards: What Are They and Why Are They Needed?

Since most of the United States and much of the Northern part of America will experience snow and freezing weather conditions, most homes are made out of materials withstand shallow temperatures. However, no matter how strong or versatile most of these materials are, water damage and ice dams are still a pressing threat to most

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cat and dog

Got Your First Pet Dog? Here’s How to Prep Your Home

Welcoming your first dog to your home can be exciting. You will now have someone to spoil, and your dog can be your constant companion. You know you will love your pup with all your heart. However, you need to remember that dogs can act like little toddlers, too! They can be rowdy and mischievous.

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4 Top Maintenance Responsibilities for the Homeowner

Becoming a new homeowner is a happy feeling. You will be able to afford the comfort and relaxation you deserve when you have a stable household. Most people manage to buy a house when they become adults, especially after securing a job. However, you have to remember that owning a property is a responsibility. Household

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Creating Laundry Space for Your Home: The Essentials

If you are someone who always had to go to laundry shops to get your clothes cleaned, you might want to consider doing that instead of at your home. The amount of time you spend during each visit is not something to balk at, and that could be put into better use. Doing your laundry

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cleaning carpet

Keeping Your Home in Tip-Top Condition this Lockdown

Peeling paint on your walls, leaky faucets in your kitchen, and cobwebs on your ceiling—these are telltale signs that your house is in dire need of a little spring-cleaning. It’s crucial to keep your home in tip-top shape to protect your health and to ensure your general safety. And now that you’re in lockdown, you

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historic looking house

Tips and Tricks for Restoring a Historic House

Home restoration is already difficult enough as it is, but it’s even more challenging if you’re restoring a historical home. You not only have to rehabilitate the physical structure of the house, but you also have to maintain the illustrious history attached to it. It doesn’t matter if you’re treating it as an investment or

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