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Safety Is a Must: A Complete Home Inspection Checklist

Who doesn’t get excited about homebuying? It is a usual reaction to anyone who’s about to purchase their soon-to-be home. However, they must not set aside the essentials, even if they are at the height of such emotion. One of those essentials is the home inspection. To ensure a hazard-free home, an inspector will point

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pet concept

A Pet Lover’s Guide to Alleviating Pet Allergy

Are you a pet owner who happened to be allergic to pets too? It must be a pity not being able to at least go near them when you’re having attacks seeing that your pet would love to express his inexhaustible love to you the same way you want to shower them with your satisfying

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kitchen sink

Is Your Kitchen Even Dirtier than Your Toilet?

The kitchen is a very tough place since you’re dealing with things that can be contaminated with pathogenic organisms, making you and your family sick. You might be wiping your countertops or kitchen island and even scrubbing your stovetop, but do you think that’s enough for your kitchen to be completely clean? What about the

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cleaning and disinfecting

COVID-free Home: How to Properly Disinfect Every Room

Based on a study reported by the University of Pennsylvania Health System (PennMedicine), the coronavirus can stay in the air for as long as three hours. It’s one of the reasons why it’s important to minimize your stay in crowded areas—the risk of being exposed to the virus increases. According to the same study, the virus

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Tricks for Designing a Stunning and Functional Pool House

Your swimming pool is only as good as the pool house beside it. This is because you need a functional space to store all your swimming necessities, serve some refreshing drinks and yummy snacks. You can also have an area where you, your family, and guests can hang out during swimming breaks. However, it needs to

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robber attempting to break in

Things You Can Do to Prevent an Armed Robbery

Armed robbery is a serious and dangerous crime that can happen at any time and any place. This crime happens because robbers believe that what they gain is well worth the risk that they are taking. But these crimes do not just happen unplanned. In most cases, criminals have been lurking for sometime around an

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home repair professional

Home Maintenance Work You Should Leave to the Professionals

Home maintenance and repair are among the biggest concerns of homeowners. When spring comes, they normally look for things they can work on to ensure their home is prepared for the upcoming seasons. These projects include changing air conditioner filters, mowing the lawn, or cleaning the windows. But some home maintenance work should be left

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Energy Efficiency

Energy-efficiency Benefits: Are They Hype or Real?

Over the years, the term “energy-efficient home” has become a buzzword. Many people believe that it can encourage significant utility savings and reduce total household spending. The question, though, remains: is it just hype, or is it truly worth it? How Important Is Energy Efficiency for American Homeowners? According to the National Association of Home

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Fight the Clutter: Storage Ideas for Condos

For single people and those who do not want to manage their spaces effectively, condo living is the best idea. This is because condominium spaces are easy to look after. You will be compelled not to buy items and appliances that will not fit in your home. However, one challenge also lies in the space’s

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